No Filter


The other night I was taking a friend home after Bible study, and she mentioned how transparent people can be on Facebook. Unfortunately, not always in a good way, but never the less transparent. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media sites have been around for some time, however I just joined Facebook 3 months ago.  Prior to joining, my husband would often joke with me about being one of the 1% not on social media, however I’m sure the percentage may have been higher. Anyhow, since joining what I’ve observed supports what my friend stated. I have seen sadness, anger, and downright foolishness on Facebook. I often think about something my grandmother would say about people who couldn’t keep anything to themselves. She would say, “They are like a broken refrigerator; they can’t hold ice water.” And it appears that a large number of people on social media are broken refrigerators. Whether they are tweeting hash tag shower flow, posting or changing their relationship status sometimes weekly, or cyber beefing with one of their “friends,” nothing seems off limits. Before you can say it, Yes,  I have posted just how I was feeling about certain events or situations in my life, but the only thing that stopped me from going overboard is the value I place on privacy. Some people may argue that that is what social media is for, and to a large degree they are correct. My only issue is the vulnerability that comes with placing your life on display for countless people to critique and potentially destroy.  As I stated in a prior post, words have so much power. Words spoken and written have the ability to speak life into a situation or death, and this applies to the words we type about ourselves, our circumstances, and others. What I have come to understand like with anything else, discretion is necessary. Filters are necessary for  coffee, air conditioners, water  and now we can add our activity on social media to the list. If not, we can potentially expose ourselves and others to toxins which are bad for us professionally and personally. I don’t sit in a position of authority, just food for thought.

Just a thought


So…the other day I went into Dollar General to pick up some items I needed, and while in there I happened upon something to think over. I was standing in  line when I noticed a lady in front of me holding her cell phone. You may be wondering, “Okay, what’s so special about that?” Let me explain more clearly what I saw.

The lady’s left arm was in a sling and she was holding the phone in her left hand while trying to reach in her wallet, put the bags in the cart, and eventually pay for her things with her right hand. Mind you, this lady was struggling to check out, yet she would not put her phone down. At this point my mind started churning and I began to think about how this applies to my life and many people today. What if I (and/or) we held on to God like we do things?

In today’s society, where technology and social media are essentially a way of life, we have haphazardly allowed things to become little gods in our lives. I know you may be thinking “Not me; I don’t worship these things I just enjoy them.” Think about the last time you left your cell phone at home or couldn’t check Facebook. How did you feel? Maybe frustrated, lost, or even anxious to get back to them. Whether it’s the cell phone, a relationship, a job or social media, what I have come to realize is that we will always feel a sense of frustration, anxiety, and loss until we truly place our Creator, our Father, our God in his rightful position: first.

I can recall wondering how and why in the world did the Israelites worship a golden calf and practice idolatry, but then God began to answer my questions. I was no different from them, I had made little gods out of my husband, my children, and television to name a few. I was spending more time attending to these things than of the One who created and blessed me with them.  It definitely was a hard pill to swallow, but it was so good for my soul. I am now on a journey of daily putting God first and periodically denying myself TV, social media, and my favorite foods in order to stay centered on God.

What little gods have you erected in your life? I encourage you to do inventory of your life and to really consider where things, people, and circumstances may have become what you idolize. I won’t pretend to have it figured out, but I am thankful for every time God reveals to me who I really am–the good, the bad and the ugly. Because He loves us so much, He won’t have us ignorant of anything, yet He is such a gentleman that He won’t force anything on us. Try listening to that small, still voice that we often refer to as “Something told me” and watch God do the rest.” God Bless.


Words, something we all use to communicate, whether they are written or spoken . Unfortunately, words are often thrown around like stray bullets scarring, wounding and often killing intentional and unintentional victims. We often play on the saying that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, but we are lying to ourselves and others. Do we not know or believe that the world was spoken into existence? The key word is spoken. Are we so removed from the truth that we would rather believe a lie? I can’t speak for others, but I have been guilty of spewing venom at others through words that recklessly flew out of my mouth. I have also been on the receiving end; however, the power in words has never changed. In Proverbs 18:21 the word of God declares that Life and Death is in the power of our tongue, and we must be careful not to become assassins with our words. I was motivated to write this because I have constantly battled with words that were spoken to and over my life for years. Even until this day, words are aimed in my direction, but I refuse to allow those words to destroy me. Instead, I choose to speak Life, Hope, Faith, Joy, and Peace over myself and by the blood of Jesus I have overcome. Let us be mindful of what we say and never forget that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. God Bless.

Step one……Check.


 I consider it only right to officially kick my blogging off with a short explanation behind this dream deferred. Blogging and writing books has been a lifelong goal I have entertained for many years. I have gone through many seasons of excitement and enthusiasm for writing, but have always managed to let the hills and valleys of life stop my efforts. Instead of seizing the moment, I allowed fear, sorrow, and pain to interrupt what God had blessed me with; writing. My life with all its twist and turns is reason enough to write, because I’m still here. If for no other reason at all, it has yielded me plenty of material to write about. Yet, deep down in my heart I have an assurance that God placed this burning passion for writing in me for His glory. Stay tuned as I begin to peel back the many layers of my life, my journey and now the victory I have found through my savior, Jesus Christ. Until next time, “ Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Philippians 4:8